At Lifesharing, we’re dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation. Our offices are based in Mission Valley, but our organ team travels to hospitals all over the region in order to save lives.

Organ Procurement Coordinators

Registered nurses who work directly with hospital staff to manage the care of the deceased organ donor and find matching recipients for their organs. Our nurses also work closely with the family of each donor.

Hospital Services Manager

Versatile team members who build relationships with hospital partners to ensure the organ donation process goes smoothly.

Surgical Coordinators

Specially trained technicians who coordinate the recovery of organs in the operating room and ensure the safe transportation of organs to recipients.

Family Service Coordinators

Bilingual family advocates who provide support for the families of deceased organ donors.

Tissue Procurement Coordinators

Highly skilled technicians who recover tissue for transplantation — including skin, veins and bones.

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Occasionally, Lifesharing has per diem positions that are not listed on the UC San Diego Health job website. If you are interested in a part-time position at Lifesharing, please forward your resume to

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