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Lifesharing is one of 58 regional non-profits dedicated to the life-saving and life-enhancing benefits of organ and tissue donation. Lifesharing provides organ recovery, donor family support, and educational services for the diverse population of approximately 3 million people in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Organ and tissue procurement services supply 28 donor hospitals and four local transplant centers with transplantable organs for the ever-growing waiting list of nearly 2,200 San Diego patients and more than 123,000 patients nationwide.

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Please note that all potential volunteers must successfully complete a background check prior to volunteering with Lifesharing

DMV Liaisons

Lifesharing Adopt-A-DMV Program

In recognition of the importance of our partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles, Lifesharing has established Volunteer and staff liaisons with offices in our two-county service area.

As of January, 2019, more than 15 MILLION Californians have registered to be donors – 95% through the DMV.

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Volunteers visit offices at least quarterly and share their story, answer questions, provide training and see what is needed in the office.

San Diego County DMV Offices Supported

  • Chula Vista
  • El Cajon
  • Oceanside

  • Poway
  • San Diego Clairemont
  • San Diego Hillcrest

  • San Marcos
  • San Ysidro
  • Spring Valley

Imperial County DMV Offices Supported

  • Brawley

  • El Centro


An initial DMV training session is provided for volunteers interested in working with this important outreach area. Then quarterly calls update volunteer liaisons about message points.  The calls also are an opportunity to share suggestions, questions received and talk with other DMV volunteers. Materials also are available to take out with you.  Lifesharing schedules the presentations in advance.  Register on the Volunteer Outreach portal at lifesharing.org/volunteer for upcoming training sessions, quarterly call times & open office visits.  Note:  You also need to complete Volunteer 101.

You Can Help Save Lives

Message Points Regarding the DMV and Donate Life California Registry

Do you have a pink donor dot on your driver license that shows you are an organ and tissue donor? Thank you!

You’ll want to make sure your decision to be a donor is registered. There are now two easy ways to let your loved ones know you want to give the precious gift of life to others after death.

When You Apply/Renew Your California Drivers License or ID Card

Since July 1, 2006 the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Donate Life California have partnered to save lives in our state! When you apply for or renew your driver license or ID card, you can check a box to say “YES, I want to be an organ and tissue donor!” on your application form. When you receive your driver license or ID card, the Pink Donor Dot will be pre-printed on the card, indicating that your name has been placed on the secure Donate Life California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. This ensures your wish to save lives will be honored.

When You Apply/Renew Your California Drivers License or ID Card

The Pink Donor Dot has gone digital! If you are not applying for or renewing your drivers license or ID card in the near future, sign up now to save lives with the Donate Life California Organ & Tissue Donor Registry.Go to www.donateLIFEcalifornia.org or in Spanish at www.doneVIDAcalifornia.org to join the thousands of Californians who have registered as organ and tissue donors. It only takes minutes to sign up to be a donor — minutes that could mean years of life for someone else.

Hospital Outreach

Transplant Recipients, Living Donors, and Donor Family Volunteers

If you are interested in sharing your story with hospital staff members you are invited to join Lifesharing’s Hospital Outreach Volunteer program.


  • To increase hospital staff’s first-hand experience with organ recipients and organ donor families post transplant and donation
  • To provide opportunity for hospital staff to ask questions of recipients and donor families
  • Hear first-hand how donation has positively affected these individual’s lives and how the hospital staff was key to help making it happen

Types of Visit

Visits can vary with each Hospital Development (HD) Manager, but will usually fall in these categories:

Contact Rounds

Walking throughout the units with the HD Manager sharing your story with staff. Usually limited to Critical Care Units and Emergency Departments.


Telling your story as a part of a more organized in-service


In the staff lounge, you will be the star of the show. Hospital staff will route through to meet you and hear your story.

What to Include in your story

Recipient or Recipient Family Member

  • Why did you need a transplant
  • How long did you wait
  • What was it like waiting
  • What were your limitations
  • When did you get your transplant
  • What type of transplant
  • How has it changed your life/your family’s life
  • Do you know anything about your donor
  • Share how the staff at the hospital made you feel (hopefully this is a positive experience)

Donor Family

  • Tell about your loved one…who they were, what they liked to do…let us get to know them
  • How did your loved one become a donor…when
  • Did they talk about donation before
  • How did the staff at the hospital make you feel
  • What gifts did your loved one donate – include eye and tissue, if applicable
  • Do you know anything about the recipients

Living Donor

  • Tell why you decided to be a donor
  • Are you related to the donor
  • Why you decided to donate
  • What you had to do to be a donor
  • If you’d recommend others donate
  • How did the staff at the hospital make you feel



If you have a picture you would like to share of your loved-one, please bring it. Or if you are a recipient and have a picture of yourself pre-transplant and you would like to share or if you have a picture of your donor, these things really help to tell the story.


Sometimes recipients and donor families write back and forth and if you have this and would like to share this, bring it.

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