Tissue Donation Process

Tissue & Eye Donation:  1 day > 100+ years of age

  • Death occurs
  • Donor is referred to Lifesharing by Funeral Home, Hospital or MEO
    • 1-888-4-A-DONOR (1-888-423-6667)
    • 24/7 Donor Referral Line
  • Lifesharing/Eye Bank will approach the family
    • Donor Registry or Family Authorization
    • Extensive medical/social history and medical chart review
  • Donor body is transported to the Lifesharing Recovery Suite
  • Donation recovery takes place in an aseptic Operating Room using sterile techniques within 24 hours after death
  • Tissues are transported to tissue processors
  • Tissue grafts are produced, packaged, stored and shipped to hospitals and dental offices for use in recipients
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