Memorial Rock Garden

Be Part of Lifesharing’s Memorial Rock Garden

Lifesharing’s organ and tissue donor families are invited to create hand-painted stones for our new Memorial Rock Garden. Located in front of our offices in Mission Valley, the rock garden is a peaceful spot under the trees, just to the left of our main entrance.

Dedicated in early 2021, Lifesharing’s Memorial Rock Garden gives families a creative way to honor their loved ones. Donor families can decorate a stone for their hero and place it in the garden, or mail it to Lifesharing at 7436 Mission Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92108.

Memorial Stone

Creating Your Stone to Honor a San Diego Organ or Tissue Donor

  • Select a rock with a flat surface — river rocks work great. You can purchase them at home improvement stores, craft stores or online.
  • Clean the rock using water and dish soap. Let the rock completely dry.
  • Seal the rock with a clear sealant or prime it with white paint. You may also want to paint a base coat first (usually black or white) for a clean, uniform look.
  • Paint your design! Outdoor acrylic paint is a good choice, and you can find it at craft stores. You can also use oil-based paint pens or Sharpies to write on the rock, but make sure the paint has dried first!
  • Feel free to include your loved one’s name on the rock, and something special about them — such as a favorite hobby or pastime.
  • Seal your rock with a spray or brush-on clear sealer. Make sure the sealer is weather-resistant, since the rocks will be outside. (Mod Podge Outdoor clear sealer is one option.)
  • Mail your rock to Lifesharing or place it in the garden yourself. Our office is located at 7436 Mission Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92108.

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