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Lifesharing is one of 58 regional non-profits dedicated to the life-saving and life-enhancing benefits of organ and tissue donation. Lifesharing provides organ recovery, donor family support, and educational services for the diverse population of approximately 3 million people in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Organ and tissue procurement services supply 28 donor hospitals and four local transplant centers with transplantable organs for the ever-growing waiting list of nearly 2,200 San Diego patients and more than 123,000 patients nationwide.

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The Angelheart Story

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The Angelheart Story

When both her sons were killed in a car accident, Carlsbad mom Phyllis Hall wondered how she could go on.  But gradually, ever so gradually, she realized her sons’ love was still alive and tucked deep inside her heart. “This lesson of enduring love led me from tragedy to the treasure that lies below the pain of losing a child,” Phyllis recalls. “I realized the love we share will connect us for all time!”

Phyllis held on to the love and was able to breath again … to remember the good times and celebrate their lives together. Ultimately this inspired her to create the Angelheart® jewelry collection, author the With Me Always® storybook and compose a song for grieving parents, Love Still Grows and Sweetens©.  She founded a company committed to helping others express outwardly the love that lives in their hearts.  “I want to create a light where hearts are dark,” she acknowledges. “Love never fails.”

Do you have someone in your heart or in your life that you lovingly refer to as an angel? Do you know someone else who does? Or are you alive today because of the precious Gift of Life you received from your Guardian Angel?  If so, please visit WithMeAlways.com/DonateLife to learn more about Angelheart®.

If you feel moved to purchase any items from the site for yourself or friends, realize 30 percent of the proceeds will go to Lifesharing because Phyllis’ older son Steven believed so strongly in organ and tissue donation. You also can sign up to be an organ and tissue donor in memory of Phyllis’ sons at www.donateLIFEcalifornia.org/Angelheart.

Loss is always hard, but with the support of friends, the power of love and the gift of hope, we can move forward together.  Thank you, Phyllis Hall, for sharing your journey with us and for helping us inspire others to Donate Life.

Lisa Stocks
Lifesharing Executive Director

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